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Episode 11: Black Rhodium "Twist" interconnect review

Premium quality interconnects all claim to yield sonic benefits in return for their significant cost. As yet, I remain horribly unconvinced. Along comes this thin and twisted number from a British company I have never heard of before. Can I be swayed this time around? Is it snake oil or is there something to be realised?

Episode 10: Denon PMA-250SE amplifier review

Released in the late 90's for the UK listener, this Denon amplifier defies its 30 watt rating and its relative budget status. 20 years on, it remains a serious contender when compared to today's highly-priced amplifiers. A fast, tight bass that will not swamp or exaggerate an already warm-sounding source component, and a treble that is open and honest.

Episode 9: Yamaha KX393 Cassette Deck review

The Sony deck just wobbled all the time, and would not paint a satisfactory sonic picture, so now it's the turn of this multi-talented Japanese company to try and impress. If you cannot afford a Nakamichi, this is usually the brand you turn to for cassette duties.

Minisode 8.1: Südamerikanische Rhythmen

The latest addition to my vinyl collection is this little-known easy/latin LP from Germany. It may not sound too special, however one of the tracks has become very popular in YouTubeland. Are you familiar with some bloke from the northwest of England who occasionally does puppet routines at the end of his videos? If you are none the wiser, then enjoy this very catchy track. A German LP on a German turntable too.

Episode 8: QED Silver Anniversary XT speaker cable review

Take your finest strands of copper, plate them with silver, wrap them around a hollow tube, and enclose the lot in an outer sleeve. Then charge a premium for it. I woundn't normally do this kind of thing, but for eBay and its occasional bargain. Will this costly speaker cable wake my system up, and give it the kick in the trousers it so richly deserves?

Episode 7: Interconnects and speaker cables - go big or go home?

Some people pay big money for their audio interconnects. Can any sonic benefit be realised by doing so? Do you shell out, or do you stick with that bit of grey string that came in the box? And for your speakers - is it cheapo bell wire or big, fat anacondas suspended on polished wooden curling rocks? Do you put hockey pucks on your walls? Spread cream on the underside of your amplifier? Or do just get on and listen?

Minisode 6.1: Tesco Value Music

A bonus minisode™ which deals with a new arrival in my vinyl collection. The Tesco Value brand had a less than savoury reputation and was often parodied, and this DJ outfit from north London decided to dress their release in that familiar mundane garb! It also meant we could load up on cheap beans, and deal with the aftermath later....

Episode 6: Pro-Ject Phono Box E phono preamplifier review

Want to listen to vinyl? A phono preamplifier is essential if your amplifier was made after the mid 90s. Those tiny signals need a bit of a boost! This example from turntable manufacturer Pro-Ject fits the bill perfectly by being affordable and sounding terrific. What a shame my turntable cannot be as cooperative.

Episode 5: Sony TC KE300 Cassette Deck review

Vinyl has been enjoying a resurgence for many years, and now the humble Compact Cassette™ is making a welcome comeback. Here is a Sony deck with a Sony fault, but it has been persuaded to function as intended. As for that pesky wow and flutter - is it the deck or is it the cassette? Well, feed it a decent cassette and it sings. Feed it a "Type 0" and it certainly tries. Break out the Contek, to be sure!

Episode 4: Technics SL-PS770D CD player review

CDs are not dead - they are very much alive and well! That is certainly the case with this 20 year old high-end CD player. After two failed attempts at acquiring a reliable and enjoyable player, this one surfaced - complete with fancy Japanese "ta-ke" bamboo capacitors. We are talking quality here!

Episode 3: Gale 3030 floorstanding speaker bargain review

This episode deals with the speakers in my system - Gale 3030 floorstanders. Big speakers that didn't come with a big price. A selfie stick assists in the video-making task. Shake along with me...

Are you tired of living alone? Just remember - you can choose your speakers and place them where you like - not where you are told! Curse not your freedom!

Are bass and treble controls evil or should they make a comeback? Music listening should be fun, not one eternal Jeff Lynne production!

Episode 2: Dual CS505-2 vintage turntable review

This episode deals with my turntable of choice - the Dual CS505-2. German-built quality that keeps on giving after 35 years. Ausdauernd und robust. It even got to appear in both of the Trainspotting movies, so we may consider it an icon!

Episode 1: Pro-Ject Vinyl Clean product review

This first episode deals with Pro-Ject Vinyl Clean - a dry cleaning agent for vinyl listeners - one slightly reminiscent of those jelly-like air fresheners. Does it work? Will it rid your vinyl of that frying bacon sound? Can you get high by sniffing it? Warning - contains ASMR.

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